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Unitree G1: A $16,000 Humanoid Robot with Limited Practical Use

Unitree has introduced the G1, a humanoid robot priced at $16,000. Known as a budget-friendly option in the robot market, Unitree’s G1 offers some impressive features for the price but comes with limitations.

The G1 can stand up from a flat position using a unique limbo-like move. It walks, stands, and runs in a permanent half-squat. Despite its stability, the G1’s movements are primitive. In tests, it withstood kicks and punches, recovering balance with only a few steps.

However, the G1’s height of 4 feet 2 inches limits its practicality for tasks like washing dishes or reaching high shelves. It might manage with a stool but struggles with many household chores. This compact size helps keep the price low compared to Unitree’s adult-sized H1 robot, which costs $90,000.


The G1 features a 9000 mAh battery lasting two hours and weighs between 77 to 104 pounds. It includes an Intel RealSense D435 depth camera and a Livox-MID360 lidar puck for vision. The robot can run at 2 meters per second (4.4 mph) and lift up to 2 kg (4.4 pounds). Programming is required to perform useful tasks, but Unitree provides limited guidance on how to do this.

In promotional videos, the G1 attempts various tasks like cracking nuts, opening bottles, and flipping bread but often fails, making a mess instead. The robot’s hands appear inconsistent, with some videos showing functional three-fingered hands and others showing non-functional gloves.

Unitree’s G1 robot shows potential but currently lacks the ability to perform practical tasks effectively. While it’s a budget option, its real-world usefulness remains limited, and significant programming and development are needed to make it more functional.


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