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How To Get Rid Of Your Cramps In Hours

Period cramps are common, however if it hinders your daily activities then it’s no normal.

Below are the remedies to ease your cramping stomach

1. Diet

Eating high Oestrogen containing foods always can make the hormone level spike up. When the body releases a relatively high amount of Oestrogen, the uterine lining becomes abnormally thick. As a result, when it begins to break down during the menstrual cycle, this process creates more prostaglandins, resulting to higher level of pain.


While you’re on your period, try as much as possible to avoid sweet. Too much sugar can cause inflammation thereby intensifying the cramping and causing heavy menstrual flow.

Apart from Sugary things, foods like Coffee, milk, chocolate and fatty foods, cheese and dairy contains arachidonic acid which causes inflammation and can increase your pain.

2. Hot Compress

Application of heat on your lower abdomen while cramping helps to ease the tension of the muscles which in turn reduces pain caused by muscle spasm. You can choose to drink hot water, it helps improve blood circulation and menstrual blood flow which will relieve the cramps. This method is very effective and soothing.

3. Light Exercises

When you’re cramping, you can try easy exercises like laying on your tummy with a pillow below your abdomen and your legs apart.

Note that doing too much exercise can alter your cycle by making your flow lighter or you end up not seeing anything. If you can, do only light exercises.

4. Medications

Over-the-counter drugs like diclofenac, ibuprofen, aspirin or paracetamol will help reduce the pain. These drugs are painkillers but shouldn’t be abused.

5. Cloves

Soaking a reasonable amount of cloves in warm water is very helpful. Drinking cloves water gives relieve from cramps and shortens the days of menstruation. Cloves oil contains eugenol which is anti inflammatory and a detox against bacteria and infections.

Cramps are not meant to hinder you from doing your everyday activities. If yours is severe, visit your doctor to avoid complications.

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