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Tap To Pay: How To Set Up Google Pay.

UPI has played a major role in the revolution in digital payments that has occurred in recent years. By simply scanning a QR code and securely entering your PIN, you can quickly make payments with the aid of UPI. Even though the procedure is fairly quick, tap-to-pay is still one of the most frequently used payment methods.

NFC payments are now supported by well-known apps like Google Pay, but what are NFC payments exactly? How do you activate tap-and-go payments after adding your card to GPay? Worry not; we will clarify and comprehend them in greater detail below.

How does NFCs work?

The contactless payment system is made possible by the fact that many modern smartphones come with NFC support.


Similar to the chips found on many contactless cards that support contactless payments, the NFC chip in smartphones performs similar functions. In other words, to complete the transaction, you must tap the back of your smartphone against the POS device or payment terminal.

However, if the chips are not properly positioned in relation to one another, the payment will not be accepted. You know what the best part is, though? Even without an internet connection, NFC payments work.

Adding a card to GPay.

  • On your Android or iOS device, launch the Google Pay app and sign in using your credentials.
  • Select your profile by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select Payment.
  • Then, add your debit or credit card and follow the prompts on the screen.

That’s it; you’re ready to make contactless payments. It’s important to note that, at the moment, only MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted.


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