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Tech Tips to Make You More Efficient.

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. We are all surrounded by high-tech gadgets and sophisticated devices.

Some people struggle a lot with some tasks while working on their gadgets and spend a lot of time doing it in a long way that could be done in an easier way to save time.

When it comes to technology, there are many shortcuts to doing work in a short and easy way rather than a long and difficult way. It makes no difference how well you use or understand the app or system. There are always some shortcuts or hacks that we never learn or become acquainted with.


Here are some tech tips to help you in your daily life:

1. To save an image on Google to your computer, press “Alt” and then click on Google Image. It will be saved to your computer automatically.

2. Have you ever accidentally closed a word document without saving it? Is there no autosave as well? Look for “.asd” in the “My PC” file search. You’ll find your documents there. The backup file is available in the Windows system.

3. Highlight all the selected words and press shift+F3 to make all caps lowercase.

4. To download any youtube video, just add “ss” to the URL address between “www.” and “youtube”. Your video will be downloaded right away.

As such; www.ssyoutube.com/…

5. When you copy words from the internet, paste them by pressing Ctrl+shift+v. This trick will assist you in preventing text formatting.

6. If you download a PDF file and it ends with “.exe.” It is a virus, so please delete it.


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