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GTA 6: What to Expect for PC Players

Whenever a new Grand Theft Auto game is released, it becomes a huge hit, breaking sales records. We saw this with GTA 4 and 5, and we expect the same for GTA 6. The game has been officially revealed after many rumors, leaks, and hacks, but not all details are known yet. Important questions remain about the game’s release date and platforms, especially for PC players, since Rockstar has a history of releasing PC versions later than console versions.

Console and PC Release

As of now, GTA 6 is confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, but not for PC at launch. Looking at past trends, we might have to wait a while for the PC version. GTA 5 took almost a year and a half to come to PC, and Red Dead Redemption 2 took just over a year. There’s a chance Rockstar might speed up the process for GTA 6, but it’s safe to expect at least a year-long wait for the PC release.


Reasons for the Delay

A former Rockstar developer explained to IGN that there are two main reasons for this delay. First, Rockstar prioritizes the platforms that sell the most. Historically, PlayStation has been a major seller, leading Rockstar to focus on it first. Second, developing a PC version is more complex due to the different hardware and components. This requires extensive testing to ensure the game works on various PC setups.

Predicted Release Timeline

If GTA 6 is released as predicted in late 2025, the PC version might not be available until late 2026 or early 2027. This delay allows Rockstar to ensure a smooth experience for PC players.


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